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PharMix® SC System Liquid to Liquid Testing

Our pH indicating test best demonstrates quickly and efficiently the PharMix SC System mixes. These tests feature a liquid-liquid mixing of similar viscosities and specific gravity under specific conditions and time frame. A PharMix SC System was used to mix pH indicating solutions, under identical conditions, using the same mixing hardware system. 

For each test, the vessel was filled with the appropriate volume of DI Water. Then, a 1% phenolphthalein solution was added and the mixer was turned on for 2 minutes. While the mixer was running, a sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution was added and timing started. Once mixed a phosphoric acid solution (H3PO4) was added to change the solution back to clear (acidic).


Based on the pH indicator testing, you can see that the PharMix SC System is fully capable of achieving efficient and homogenous liquid-liquid mixing in a given timeframe. Our testing also shows how quickly pH may be adjusted in the total volume without dead spots or areas of concern. The change from pink to clear was slightly slower and gave a better representation of how the fluid was mixing.

This technical data sheet can be used as a reference for many mixing applications, however all specific applications should be evaluated. Contact us for assistance with any PharMix SC System process solution.

200L Phenol Testing Comparison

1000L Phenol Testing Comparison

SC System CFD

We used CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to get a feel for the mixing capability of the PharMix SC System. This was compared to conventional axial turbine props that were also analyzed using CFD.

The system was built and tested using beads of different specific gravities to optimize the mixing motion using the mixing paddle. The final tests were pH indicator and 10% salt solution testing.

Tech Data Sheets

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PharMix SC System pH Indicator Testing