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PharMix® Seal Hygienic CouplingPharMix Seal Hygienic Coupling

Our patent pending hygienic coupling is ideal for multi-product mixing where impellers are changed to match processing requirements or when one-piece continuous shafts cannot be installed. The unique design can be used above or below product surface and accommodates frequent equipment inspections and superior cleanability.

The PharMix Seal Hygienic Coupling features a flush exterior and smooth profile with no exposed fasteners, threads, or flat gaskets. The crevice free design includes built-in compression control that prevents over extrusion of the self-centering gasket. We've engineered the PharMix Seal Hygienic Coupling so that the lower half holds the gasket in place while tightening for easier installation. The gasket is made of TufSteel® (a low friction material made from a blend of Teflon and 316 stainless steel) it won't bind or ripple when tightened. Other materials are available upon request. Contact us for more information.

The PharMix Seal Hygienic Coupling can also be used with sanitary diptube assemblies, removable spargers, bolts, along with clamped and screwed fittings, or other applications replacing typical o-ring or Tri-Clamp® type gaskets.

PharMix Seal Hygienic Coupling Data Sheet